“We received the clothing package for our plus size gentleman and everything fits beautifully! He actually went out today for a few hours and he just seems to be much happier! It’s the small things like this that makes huge a difference in their lives! Thank you so much!”

Community Action Case Manager


Help the Homeless (HtHRI) is a tremendous asset to the homeless in Rhode Island. It is volunteerism at its finest. Andrea Smith and HtHRI has always a “can do attitude”. Even when faced with some challenging requests, they still were able to secure the donations needed. As a case manager responsible for transitioning homeless men into permanent housing, there have been numerous times that HtHRI has assisted in meeting the needs of my clients. The donations they have contributed include 5 brand new microwaves, kitchen supplies, bedding and multiple other household necessities for the clients’ new permanent housing. HtHRI has also donated finances enabling a client to purchase prescribed medications. The above examples are only a small sampling of how HtHRI comes to the aid of the homeless in RI. I know that their passion is to meet the needs homeless men, women and families in a way to give them a hand up and help them on their way to no longer living without a place they can call “home”.

House of Hope Case manager Glenn Warfield


You have helped so many of my residents with rental assistance, I strongly believe that if it weren’t for you and your program we would have many moms and children out in the streets. You’ve helped not only put a roof over their heads but also gave them a piece of mind, a secure healthy place, and something they can call their own, I have a family with 3 children that did not know what it felt like to have their room, their own apartment, and they are so happy because of your organization. Your organization got the word out that a struggling family needed a washer and a generous donor stepped up and bought them one. Thank you Help the Homeless RI!

Odette Delgado McCauley Village


Help the Homeless RI has been such an incredible friend, advocate, and supporter to the homeless of Rhode Island, and to many groups and agencies in Rhode Island. RIHAP has been a recipient of their generosity as they have selflessly donated money, toiletries, clothing, food, etc. But, even more importantly, they have donated their time and friendship to people that are less fortunate and to many who are living in extreme poverty. RIHAP is honored to stand beside them as fellow advocates for the homeless.

Barbara Freitas RIHAP

I want to start off by saying Help the Homeless RI has some of the nicest  and most caring people I have ever met. 

Not all of us experience the downsides of life but many do. Thankfully there are organizations like Help the Homeless RI out there who actually care about other human beings. I found myself without a home or means to eat on a daily basis. Through social media I found Help the Homeless RI . It was a blessing that I did. Not only did they make sure I had something to eat on a consistent basis, they went above and beyond by helping me with getting to appointments and interviews when I was in a crunch. They helped with clothing when we were in the colder months. Someone was there to kept in constant contact with me throughout this. Which in itself was very comforting. Just having an ear to listen or a shoulder to lean on when you are down and out means the world to most. I cannot say enough good things about this organization or the people associated with it. They are giving of themselves so others do not have to go without and most would say that is the Lord’s work. I would say it is and these are his angels put here to tend to the flock. I speak for myself and hopefully most of the people who are being helped or in contact with Help the Homeless RI, when I say they probably saved my life. 

With their help and support I was able to find gainful employment and in turn my own place. I could not have done it with out Help the Homeless RI. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart and I look forward to paying it forward in some way. They are the BEST!

– JT 

My name is Randall & my wife & our dog Myra resided in the woods in a tent  for many years. We met Miss Andrea of Help the Homeless RI somewhat over a year ago through a mutual friend who tented in my campsite.  Help the Homeless of RI has assisted us in countless ways over the time that we have known them. It started with them bringing hot meals to the park nearby on Friday nights. They also brought useful items such as paper products (TP, paper towels, etc. ) as well as clothing, blankets, socks, ~ whatever. Things were different from week to week. The food was cooked in their own homes. As time progressed, the meals started coming directly to the campsite. They acquired tents for us and if there was an extra one and I knew of someone else in another camp, it would be brought to them. She also brought us dry goods and fresh veggies so we could cook them (we had pots n pans to cook over the fire). They made sure we had fresh drinking water. They also worried about our health. If anyone needed anything special, she would put it on a “wish list” and usually get it. Batteries, dog food, hand & body warmers are just some examples of what they provided. After everyone got jobs and homes, the camp was just my wife, dog, & I. (First ones in – last ones out) there was a fire in a dumpster which could of killed the three of us. Andrea of Help the Homeless RI jus happened to be delivering stuff to us that day, saw the fire and rushed into the camp before the woods caught up. She saved our lives. The fire was set intentionally by someone threatening to burn down our tents so Help the Homeless RI put us up in a motel for the few weeks remaining before we got housing. Help the Homeless RI help us move in to our place and provided many of the things needed to make our place a home. Help the Homeless RI members are saints!

– Randall

 Mark lost his job in September of 2016. I was unable to work and with no money coming in, we were evicted. Mark and I and our dog Molly ended up living in our car in a Walmart parking lot. Police keep telling you that you have to move or leave, people staring and whispering, not knowing where your next meal will come from, not knowing how to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

 In our journey of being homeless we have worked hard with a lot of different agencies, Help the Homeless RI is one. They are a very loving and caring organization. They have helped us with emotional support, getting in touch with different agencies, they helped with food, clothes, vet care, car maintenance, and right now they are helping us stay out of our car and the cold. If it wasn’t for their caring and understanding staff and volunteers I think don’t think that our lives would be the same right now. They don’t treat us as homeless but treat us like humans… with kindness and compassion. We consider Help the Homeless RI as family and friends. They are our angels sent from above. 

– Lisa (and Mark and Molly)